The Larry H. Miller Company and Miller Family Unveil Historic Development in Utah’s Capital City

LHM will invest $3.5+ billion in the project to serve as an economic and cultural catalyst for SLC’s westside

The Power District is a transformational private/public partnership in Utah’s State Fairpark and the Jordan River 

The nearly 100-acre development features unprecedented transportation access, amenities and 365-day activation

The Power District is the ideal location for a potential MLB ballpark

Larry H. Miller Company (LHM Company) and Miller family unveiled renderings, videos and statewide support for a transformational investment and catalytic development in Utah’s capital city. 

The Power District, a nearly 100-acre site adjacent to the Utah State Fairpark and the Jordan River, features unprecedented transportation access ideally located between the Salt Lake City International Airport and downtown. The project will serve as an economic and cultural catalyst for the state and the westside community. 

“We are passionate about this once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in our capital city,” said Steve Starks, CEO of the LHM Company. “This project will serve as a vibrant extension of and gateway to downtown Salt Lake, complements the mission of the State Fairpark, and brings the Jordan River to life. The Power District will be a gathering place for Utah’s families to live, work, play and enjoy the best views in Major League Baseball.” 

The Power District development vision includes the Utah State Fairpark and improvements to the Jordan River. The LHM Company is working closely with the Utah State Fairpark board, Salt Lake City, the Jordan River Commission, and state leaders to incorporate various community master and land-use plans into the development framework. Larry H. Miller Real Estate, with its award-winning community design team, is collaborating with Boston-based Sasaki, an internationally recognized urban planning and community design firm to develop this best-in-class placemaking vision. The LHM Company is working with westside community leaders and will continue to engage with key stakeholders and neighbors as plans develop.

The project is a historic development opportunity to create a modern, sustainable, and vibrant space for businesses, residents, and visitors alike. It will feature views of the downtown skyline and the pristine Wasatch Mountains and is readily accessible from I-80, I-215, I-15 and TRAX. The Power District also serves as an ideal, shovel-ready site for an MLB ballpark.

“The Power District is an investment in human capital and will bring infrastructure and economic and educational development opportunities to the area,” said Steve Miller, board chair of the LHM Company. “Our family is committed to this project and is humbled by the rallying of community support around this initiative. We are invested in this area because we believe in creating enriching experiences.”

The planned, multi-function, mixed-use development will feature abundant green space and trails, a beautified Jordan River walk, innovative residential options, majestic views, a focus on local dining and retail, and a potential Major League ballpark. It will be walkable, bikeable, and transit connected.

“The partnership between the Power District and the Utah State Fairpark will create economic development and allow investment in Fairpark infrastructure,” said Larry Mullenax, executive director of the Utah State Fairpark. “This development continues the State Fairpark’s position as a self-sustaining state asset.” 

Development at the Power District is scheduled to begin in late 2024 with the construction of the new headquarters for Rocky Mountain Power.

Statewide Community Support

“The westside is primed for this new development. I grew up on the westside, and the people who live here are very proud of their community and what they’ve built. We are excited to continue to partner with them on future opportunities.” – Gail Miller, co-founder, The Larry H. Miller Company

“My parents, Larry and Gail Miller, grew up on the westside and were proud to be part of that community. We now have a multi-generational opportunity to take all the great things about that community, add resources to it and create something special.” – Greg Miller, vice board chair, The Larry H. Miller Company 

“The westside is a gathering place for so many people and an opportunity to be a showcase as people are visiting our state for the first time to see this incredible development as well as potentially Major League Baseball sitting right there welcoming people into the capital city.” – Utah Governor Spencer J. Cox

“Utah has an excellent economy and regulatory policies. People love living here because of the quality of life. The Power District is a great location for Major League Baseball and will lift the westside and the entire state of Utah.” – Senate President Stuart J. Adams

“I can’t tell you how excited I am for the opportunity that the state has, and the city has, to revitalize the Power District area. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort on the westside in the Northwest Quadrant of the state. It’s the gateway to Salt Lake City and downtown.” – House Speaker Mike Schultz

“One of the beauties along the North Temple Corridor is the vibrancy and diversity of cultures. This generational investment will make a huge difference for the whole state of Utah. It truly reflects the changing demographics of our state.” – State Senator Luz Escamilla

“Incorporating a vision between the Power District and the State Fairpark will create an amenity that people will treasure. To have such a project that has a river running through it is an opportunity to use and protect water. A Jordan River Walk is an incredible draw and attraction.” – State Senator Scott Sandall, Utah State Fairpark Board Member

“We’re going to be able to use the Utah State Fairpark year-round as a complement to what’s going on in the area. This is an opportunity to share parking, facilities and venues for concerts, shopping and entertainment. It’s the perfect location for a ballpark.” – State Senator Lincoln Fillmore 

“This project is going to set the entire community in a new direction. It is going to provide us an opportunity for economic development, infrastructure development, and educational development. It will be a game changer for our community.” – State Representative Sandra Hollins

“This has the potential to preserve and enhance the westside community. This is a generational project that lifts all boats in the state. It will help that neighborhood and the folks who live there.” – State Representative Ryan Wilcox 

“I appreciate the focus that the Millers and the Power District have on facing the Jordan River, not turning their backs on it. Bringing the Jordan River into the Power District experience will be an incredible, fascinating, beautiful asset for Salt Lake City and beyond.” – Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall

“If we do this right, it catalyzes what’s already happening on the West Side. This historic project will allow our culture and unique qualities to shine, while creating new infrastructure and business opportunities.” – Salt Lake City Councilmember Victoria Petro

“Utah’s economy thrives when it has a strong center.  Economies have a heart – they have a gathering place.  These centers include professional sports. If you have a vibrant center, it actually helps the regional economy statewide.” – Natalie Gochnour, director, Kem C. Gardner Institute

“The location of the Power District and the potential ballpark are catalytic opportunities for the westside community. This project is focused on doing things the right way and is involving the community and key stakeholders.” – Derek Miller, president and CEO, Salt Lake Chamber